It is with great sorrow that I announce the indefinite closure of the Elegance 6 business.

My sweet wife, Gayle Lunos, was the heart, brain and soul of the business, but just as she was rolling out the Melded Metals line of jewelry, she was stricken with a brain tumor that eventually took her life.  Her battle with cancer took all her energy and I truly believe that the world lost a budding creative genius in the work of inspiring a woman to "help herself look good and feel great about it," as she would say.  Beyond the use of one's five senses, that personal reflection is, in fact, the sixth elegance.

                            The future of the business Elegance 6 is unknown at this time.
Elegance 6 Boutique
Gayle Elaine Beavers Lunos
September 8, 1947  -  August 6, 2012
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